Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Time That is Mine

I have a love/hate relationship with my morning commute.  There's definitely a bit of hate because it means that I'm up early in the morning and am on my way to a possibly stressful day at the office.  However, my morning commute is my only time where I can sit in one place and just think.  That's where the love comes in.  I can reminisce about the past, get lost in the present or look forward to the future.  I can write blog posts. I can write songs in my head.  Hell, I can just stare blankly out the window and NOT think at all!   That's the beauty of the morning commute.  It's my time.  Hmm..I like the sound of that..."myyyy" time.

Here are some tidbits that actually have run through my twisted brain during this glorious time:
  • Why am I feeling an uncontrollable urge to keep checking my Blackberry every 2 min?  It's only 8:30am!  How many emails could I possibly get at this time anyway?  I swear, I think my fingers just know to check my email without me even being aware.  I wonder if my fingers are communicating with their other "finger" friends through email.  'Cause they're certainly checking it on a much more frequent basis than my brain can keep up with.  Look at those fingers right now...they're just typing away. About what?  To whom?  I'm really not quite sure, but I do know that those little guys are workin' real hard.
    • Why can one person get a ticket driving in his or her car for not wearing a seat belt, but 50 people on a bus are not required to wear one at all?  In fact, I don't see any seat belts around here at all.  Even stranger than that, it's not against the law to stand up while on the bus either.
    • Hmm...when the Lincoln Tunnel was built, there must've been one hell of a sale on yellow tile! Some tile store owner out there was like, "Jackpot! Best. Customer. Ever."  He's probably retired on an exotic island somewhere now.
    • Why does that guy behind me think he needs to SCREAM into his cell phone for the other person to hear him.  "SCRAMBLED, MOM!  I said I had SCRAMBLED EGGS FOR BREAKFAST!!"  I can't think of a time when it would be necessary to scream about eggs...ever.  Well, perhaps if it was something more like:  "WATCH OUT! YOU'RE ABOUT TO BE ATTACKED BY A GIANT EGG!!"
    • Why does that guy look SO happy to be getting on this bus?  Why does he have to make us grumpy morning people, who are dreading the work day, look so negative?!  How could anyone board a bus with a smile that big?  It just seems wrong. In order for us to feel like we're all in this together, we need to be quiet and unfriendly.  It's in the rule booklet.  Read it.
    • Does the girl across from me think I'm crazy because I'm playing air drums with my iPod as one of my drum sticks?  It's quite a shame that she can't hear the music and is therefore unable to recognize and applaud my superb rhythmic skills.  To her, I probably look like I'm having some sort of seizure.  But to me, it just feels so right. 
    •  Stepping off the bus now.  "Myyyy" time is officially over.
        Hey, there's always the evening commute!  Always something to look forward to.

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