Thursday, October 15, 2009

Driving the Point

I'm a big fan of driving safety. I always buckle my seatbelt, I make sure to turn on my signal before every turn, and I do my best to obey the speed limit.

Driving laws, for the most part, are logical and instated to protect all of us who are on the road. There is one law, however, whose logic I question...the Cell Phone Driving Law that many states are enforcing. An officer is authorized to pull over and ticket a driver who is using a handheld cell phone while driving...even if that was his or her only offense. Don't get me wrong, obviously this law was put into place to prevent accidents from occurring..which I am all for. Although, when you view this from a somewhat different angle, it may become one of those things that make you go "Hmmmmm".

Case in point: I don't recall there being a law that prohibits eating a sandwich while driving. Quite a few times in my road travels, I've grabbed myself a burger or a hero sandwich at a rest stop. In effort to keep my travel time short, I've opted to eat while driving. I admit it may not have been the wisest thing to do...eating a sandwich while gripping my drink between my thighs, and still making sure to maintain the appropriate amount of pressure on the gas pedal with my foot. Probably a bit dangerous. I wouldn't be surprised if accidents have happened for this very reason. In fact, in my opinion, this is much more dangerous than driving while holding a cell phone to your ear. However, I don't believe a policeman would pull you over simply for eating a sandwich while driving. I don't know of an existing No Cold Cuts While Driving Law.

The argument could go on and on with additional examples that support this point. Other scenarios...changing the radio station, smoking, having an argument with a passenger, reading directions...all potentially deadly activities if done while driving. Shaving...I don't recall there being a No Shaving While Driving Law. I do, however, imagine that to be a risky action. What about clipping your toenails while driving? Brushing your teeth while driving? Milking a cow while driving? OK, I'll stop. (I'll stop typing them, but I won't stop thinking of them:))

Long story short, I simply believe that someone should be pulled over and given a ticket only if he or she breaks any traffic laws and/or drives erratically...not for holding a phone to his or her ear. Agree? What was that?? Did I hear a hmmmm??

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