Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sand…a safe haven?

sandCan sand make the world a safer place? It just may be the case.

When we're set up for a day at the beach, and we suddenly get the urge to go for a swim in the ocean…or to simply take a stroll, we oddly have no problem parting from our bags, pocketbooks, wallets, keys, chairs, toys…you name it! The thought would never occur to us to worry that someone may steal our belongings. In fact, while we're at it, we may even go back to the beach house for a few hours, take a nap…while our hard-earned precious items remain nestled in the sand, blocks away. Then, we finally make our way back to the beach and magically, everything remains exactly where we left it! In this day and age?? Impossible! We did, however, take that extra precaution of throwing a towel over the extra-important items…because, no thief would EVER know to look under a towel..especially a towel that has strangely taken on the shape of a women's purse.

Anyway, it's a bit ironic (don't ya think?) Every other day, we're making sure our doors are locked, our keys and wallets are deeply tucked into our pockets, etc….but strangely enough, not at the beach. It's got to be the power of sand!

I'm thinking about spreading sand across all of the rooms in my house. That way, if a burglar ever enters the house, he'll see the sand and say "Damn! They have sand! I'll have to find another house to steal from!" After all, they know the rules!

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  1. Can all of your BoaF followers come to your beach house?


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