Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hips Don't Lie!

The Mother HipsAs my friends and family already know, my favorite band is called The Mother Hips. The blurry photo to the left was taken from my phone last April when they played The Mercury Lounge, in NYC. Anyway, they're a band from Chico, California that came onto the scene with a big splash back in 1991 with their debut release, Back to the Grotto. After their sophomore release, Part Timer Goes Full, they were unfortunately dropped from their record label. However, that didn't stop them. With their growing fan base, they continued to release albums on indie labels and by themselves. They were first labeled as a hippy-ish "jam" band in the genre of Phish, for example. However, they went on to prove those labelers wrong. Each of their albums has a distinct sound that borrows from a variety of genres. While "Back to the Grotto" was in fact a "jam" band sound, Later Days sounded like a raw rock band, but with a heavily peppered country sound. With Green Hills of Earth and Kiss the Crystal Flake, the Hips began experimenting with different sounds, in somewhat of a psychedelic fashion..however, laden with perfected harmonies that are very reminiscient of the Beach Boys.

The Hips are about to release their latest album, Pacific Dust, which, after streaming some samples, sounds as if they've successfully melded all of the sounds from their previous releases and have created a brand new sound. The album is available for pre-order here: You can also stream a few sample tracks from the new album here.
It officially will be released on 10/27.

They have only recently, in the past few years, begun to place shows on the East Coast. Their almost cult-ish fanbase is primarily on the West Coast, but has been rapidly expanding. Lucky for us, they will be playing 2 shows at Joe's Pub in NYC on 11/17 and 11/18!

Now go place your order for Pacific Dust! If you're a true music fan, you won't regret it. These guys will blow your mind.

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