Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday Night-ification

Sunday nights, for most people, are typically a drag because they signify one thing…the return to work the next morning! There is one glimmer of hope that actually can change that perception, however…and that's a good TV show! Back in the day, HBO's Sunday night lineup of "The Sopranos" followed by "Six Feet Under" made me actually long for Sunday nights! (well, almost.)

Unfortunately, ever since the finales of those top-notch dramas, Sunday night quality took a major downturn for me. I found myself resorting to other activities like...aimlessly surfing the internet, watching random home improvement shows that made me stress about repairs in my house, and occasionally...dare I say it...reading a book!

Sure there are some network shows that can occasionally seem entertaining at times such as "Desperate Housewives" and "Brothers and Sisters". However, no matter how involved you get in the show, the commercials always give you that chance to think about your life again...which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. There is something about these premium subscription channels' no-commercial shows. They have the ability to fully draw you in and to free your mind from pre-work jitters (a major added bonus). These shows are a league above network TV shows, quality-wise.

Last year, a friend had suggested that I check out "Californication". My wife and I spent this past summer catching up on the first 2 seasons on DVD so we'd be ready for Season 3, which premiered a few weeks ago. Voila...Sunday night once again has meaning! David Duchovny's portrayal of sex-obsessed writer, Hank Moody, is fantastic. His character is raunchy, sometimes annoying, yet brilliant and funny. And occasionally, there will even be evidence that he actually has a sensitive side. He displays this mostly hidden side when he's with his daughter, Becca…another captivating character, played quirkily and masterfully by Madeleine Martin. However dysfunctional this father-daughter relationship is, it's filled with love and gives the show the heart that it needs. It sure isn't a kid-friendly show though. Crude language, nudity, and sex scenes are aplenty!

This season is proving to be as great as the last two... and it's filled with guest actors including Kathleen Turner and Rick Springfield.

Perfectly cast, intelligently written, and quite hilarious, "Californication" has again made me look forward to my Sunday nights! Phew!

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